About Us

announcement Welcome to Good News Cafe and Providence Cafe & Bakery, a registered Social Enterprise part of iFood Group of Companies.
Good News Café and Providence Café & Bakery

Good News Café and Providence Café & Bakery, part of iFood Pte Ltd group of companies were established in 2005 and 2015 respectively. Our goal was to fill a niche in providing good quality food at affordable prices in a Café setting for close communities. Both cafes offer the same range of food with the exception that Providence Café & Bakery is a MUIS certified Halal café. Products for both cafes are baked fresh daily at very regular intervals so that we can provide the highest quality of baked goods to our customers at all times, every time. The cafes were developed by Alvin Sabai after having spent over 12 years of his corporate career, first in a French Bakery chain and then with an American Bakery concept. Intrigued by the quality and freshness of the café concept, Alvin wanted to bring across his vision to the vibrant café scene. He was passionate about operating a ‘Business for Good’ and decided to run the cafes as a Social Enterprise with a Mission to offer employment to the Sliver generation. His conviction was affirmed when he completed his thesis for his MBA that supported his hypothesis of the consumers’ willingness to patronise Social Enterprises more than they would profit-driven businesses. It is a hope that more companies will be driven by this vision and make a conscious effort to not just run a business but do it for the greater good of society.